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Chiaramonte Gulfi

Chiaramonte Gulfi is a pearl dipped in the heart of Monti Iblei , which distinguished itself for the smoothness of its hills, the freshness of the clime/weather, the culinary excellences and the enviable religious buildings. The city is defined as the “Balcony of Sicily” thanks for the panoramic position, with landscape from Gela to Etna volcano, over the sea and the Monti Iblei.
It’s becoming famous over the world for the quality of oil that is produced there, although the “Monti Iblei” extravergine oil of olives Dop has been rewarded with prestigious prizes, both national and international, during the last years.

"Non soltanto il vino canta, anche l’olio canta, vive in noi con la sua luce matura e tra i beni della terra, io seleziono, olio, la tua inesauribile pace, la tua essenza verde, il tuo ricolmo tesoro che discende dalle sorgenti dell’ulivo"

Pablo Neruda

What to see in Chiaramonte Gulfi

In Piazza Duomo, The Chiesa Madre in honour of S.Maria La Nova, with his Renaissence front.
In the medieval part of the church, next to where stood the Count’s Tower, nowadays we found the Chiesa di S.Giovanni Battista, which construction started in in the XV century. In the nearby, towards the eastern border of the city, stand up the Church and the Monastery of S.Maria di Gesù (XVII century).

Renaissance tracks/remains are visible in the Chiesa del Salvatore (the statue of the Saint was sculpted by Salvatore Gagini in the XVI century) and in the Chiesa di San Filippo.

An example of elegant architectonic ensemble is the ex-Franciscan Monastery, now as the Palazzo di città and the Church next to, now readapted as conference room dedicated to Leonardo Sciacia. Are linked also many palaces of the seventy and eighty centuries of Corso Umberto. At the end of the Corso, toward west, you have to visit the Villa Comunale built at the ending of 1800. In the valley below, in the area called “Antica Gulfi”, stands up the famous Sanctuary of S.Maria la Vetere, a famous pilgriming destination and full of devoted during all the seasons.

High over the mountain overlooking the city, next to a source, is located the Church of Madonna delle Grazie. All around, there is the oldest part of the pine forest, planted starting from the 1936, and nowadays is thriving. Remarkable is the Parco Archeologico di Scornavacche at about 20 km of distance, which dates to the first half of six century B.C.

Chiaramonte is full of amazing surprises, we have spoiled you only a few of them.

Find out more:

The city is linked with Ragusa through SP10 (Strada Provinciale 10) and with Comiso through SP7.

The main road that passes trough the zone of the city is the SS514 of Chiaramonte, which started from Ragusa to Catania.

The airport of Comiso is the nearest to the city, and you can get to the airport of Catania in few kilometres.

Arco dell’Annunziata
Porta di Ragusa
Palazzo Montesano
Palazzo Comunale
Villa comunale
Basilica di Santa Maria La Nova
Santuario della Beata Maria Vergine di Gulfi
Chiesa commendale dell’Ordine Gerosolimitano di San Giovanni Battista
Chiesa di San Vito
Chiesa di San Filippo
Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore
Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie
Chiesa di San Giuseppe
Chiesa di Santa Teresa d’Avila
Chiesa di San Silvestro
Chiesa del Carmelo Sacra Famiglia
Convento di Santa Maria di Gesù
Chiesa di Santa Lucia
Quattro cappelle

Chiaramonte’s Carnival (February)
Car Racing “Monti Iblei” (hillclimbing)
Solennità della Beata Maria Vergine di Gulfi, Patron Saint of the city and Queen of Chiaramonte Gulfi (first Sunday after Easter)
Processione della Reliquia del Santo Capello di Maria SS. (third Sunday of Easter)
Festa del Patrocinio di Nostra Signora di Gulfi, the Patron Saint of the city (11of January)
The Fifteen days of Assumption (from 1st to 15th of August)
Festa di San Giovanni Battista, Protector of the city (from 21st to 24th of June)
Festa di San Vito martire, Patron Saint of the city (Last Sunday of August)
Festa di Maria Santissima delle Grazie (in concomitanza con la novena dello Spirito Santo)
Festa del Santissimo Salvatore, commonly referred to as “Patrun’u Munnu” (the next Sunday after the 6th of August)
Festa di San Raffaele Arcangelo (from 26 to 29 of September )
Festival of the sausage, The last Monday of Carnival
Sagra del pezzo duro al Torrone Chiaramontano “Gelato Tipico”, Festival of San Giovanni, on 23rd of June, in Piazza Duomo.
Festival of the focaccia in August, in contrada Piano dell’Acqua.
Festival The Flavours of The Mediterranean in “Villaggio Gulfi” on 19th of August
Festival of grape on September, in Roccazzo (a part of Chiaramonte)
Festival of rooster ai sapori chiaramontani, the 17th of August, in the valley under the city, in contrada Muti, with games, rustic dances and the tasting of typical foods seasoned with oli of Chiaramonte.
Sagra “festa del villaggio” takes place every 11th of August in Villaggio Gulfi with the tasting of typical food of Chiaramonte

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